How Motorized Screen Doors Improve House Value

How Motorized Screen Doors Improve Your House Value

In recent years, getting what your home is actually worth is a bit of a problem for homeowners. Well, there are a lot of little things you can do, but today, we’re going to go over how motorized screen doors improve house value. With the economy struggling, home buyers looking for the lowest deals, and home values plummeting, it’s a difficult time to be a seller.  Let’s get started.

Motorized screen doors add convenience, class, and that little prideful touch to any home. It may see a little unorthodox but automated screen doors way will surprise every person who views your home during the open house.

What are Motorized Screen Doors?

Motorized screen doors are fairly self-explanatory. They’re normal screen doors that allow you to open the main door while still keeping debris, intruders, and other unwanted stuff out, but they have a motor you can activate to open and close them on demand. You don’t have to sit around fiddling with doors at 3 AM or worrying about various locking mechanisms. You push a button, or you apply a little force, and the door opens itself.

Why are Motorized Screen Doors Useful?

They’re convenient. That’s the simple answer. However, that might not be a satisfactory answer if you’re perfectly fine with sliding a door open. So, let’s cover some other reasons a motorized door might be helpful.

Let’s say you have an elderly family member who lives in the home. Pushing the door open is like lifting a strength trainer’s dumbbells for them. When you have motorized screen doors installed, that’s not a problem. They can get the door open and enjoy their early morning porch sessions independently. The same goes for people who might be suffering from certain physical disabilities. Motorized Phantom screen doors remove physical limitations.

Then, you have to consider the overall sense of class that comes with motorized doors. If you’re strong and in good health, of course, you can open a door by yourself. Do you need to, though? It’s like the innovation of push-button windows on cars. People are still perfectly capable of winding a roll-up window as they did 20 years ago, but it’s just easier to have car windows that go up and down on demand. When those are added to your house when most people don’t have them, it not only provides convenience but also looks pretty snazzy when you have guests.

How Motorized Screen Doors Improve House Value
How Motorized Screen Doors Improve House Value

Exactly How do Motorized Screen Doors Improve House Value?

Motorized screen doors improve the value to your home because of the reasons we listed above.

If someone is buying your home, and they have disabled or elderly family members, having doors that open automatically is a major bonus. They don’t just make things easier on the individuals who can really make use of them, but they give those people their independence. That alone can make a buyer see more value in your home than the one for sale down the street.

Then, there’s its uniqueness of it. No, everyone doesn’t have motorized screen doors right now. You do stand out. That’s not a bad thing, because you are ahead of the curve. The Phantom high-tech is there to make automated screen doors commonplace, but they haven’t been adopted yet. If you pull the trigger now, you can boast about how your on-the-market home has the latest tech.  Because we are just outlining how motorized screen doors improve house value, for more specific details  please see our Motorized Power Screens page.  They are also available with Southwest Sun Control screens.

San Diego Motorized Screen Doors at Breeze Screens

This explains how motorized screen doors improve house value but how can you get some?  At Breeze Screens, we offer the latest motorized screen doors and professional installation at the best prices. If you want something that is both functional and high-tech, and ask about our motorized screen door services.  

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