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Motorized Power Screens

Best Motorized Power Screens You can Purchase!

Have you ever wanted to build a screen deck or enclosure but have resisted because of the inconvenience that follows? Be at ease, you’ll want to use our motorized screens that are easy to assemble and install in order to create the ultimate screen deck or enclosure you ever envisioned.

Custom Installed Motorized Power Screens

Perfect for outdoor living spaces, these power screens provide shade from the direct sunlight, privacy without obstructing your view, and work by remote control. They retract out of sight when not being used. These screens can help reduce your air conditioning costs.

What are Motorized Power Screens?

Motorized Power Screens are unique and affordable screens that move as you do, allowing for easy and safe access to your outdoor living space. These clearview motorized power screens are a way to provide an elevated view of your windows from either inside or outside of your property.
These screens can be controlled by an app on your phone or remote, sun and wind sensors or just a casual switch on your wall. If you have an outdoor room like a patio, pool, or deck, these screens will allow you to customize your space in ways that were impossible before.

Why Choose Us?

Designed with the professional in mind, Breeze screen is simply your best resort to purchase a clearview motorized power screen.

We Provide Easy Installation

With a quick, easy installation, Breeze provides Phantom’s Power, Window and Door Screens which are ideal for any type of building, commercial or residential.

We Have Multiple Options

Whether you need a versatile solution that can be used in multiple locations or a simple and affordable solution to any outdoor living space, Breeze has you covered.

We Offer Style and Latest Technology

Our patented technology is totally green and can work with any style seamlessly. So, expand your homes or enjoy sunsets on your patios with our clearview motorized power screens all year around, staying protected from UV rays, air, heat and even bugs.


What We Have in Store For You Offering

Motorized Patio Screens

Twenty feet of screen retracts transparent panels on the sides, providing an unobstructed view of your garden or pool, this is what you’re exactly looking for! Patio screens with motorized screens are a convenience you can’t live without.

Our innovative Phantom Patio Screen allows you to enjoy the view from inside and keeps your guests private, entertained, and protected.

Imagine enjoying the cool breeze of your patio on a hot day has never been easier, while keeping pests out. Now you can enjoy your outdoor living space all year long.

Motorized Window Screens

Phantom Screens are a complete solution for window screens. They are designed to fit all window sizes, screen heights, and screen types, and they are made with a durable powder-coat finish. The Motorized Phantom Screen pulls the screen open with built-in power motors, and it also has a smooth operation with continuous variable speed control

Motorized Door Screens

The Phantom Motorized Door Screen is a security screen that uses a battery-poweredmotor to open and close. It allows people to enter and exit a building without the risk of being injured from sudden back or forth swinging doors or gates. It is easily installed in any door, gate or window with minimal disruption to the building’s aesthetics.

The motorized door screen is a high-tech door-locking system that is designed to stop unwanted intruders who try to break in through your doors and windows into your homes.