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San Diego Window Screens

We offer the highest quality, American made window screen products from Active and Pfeiffer Products. We provide on-site screen repair, new window screens and window re-screening at your home or business. Custom made and installed San Diego window screens for casement windows, double hung windows, single hung windows, sliding screen windows and hinged window screens. Arched or hard to fit applications are available by your local Breeze Door and Window Screens.

The materials used for building window screens are .25 gauge powder coated aluminum, and fiberglass screen mesh. The Most commonly used screen mesh is 18×16 squares per inch which is thinner and not as durable as the 18×14 squares per inch that we use.

Our San Diego Window Screen Service Includes

  • New Frame and Screens – Standard
  • New Frames and Screens – Specialty
  • Re-Screen Existing Frames
  • Custom Made On-site
  • Guaranteed to Fit
  • Heavier Gauge Screen Frames
  • Choice of Fabrics
  • Specialty Fabrics

Flex Screens

Our sleek flexible screen frame fits into your window’s screen track and the screen frame virtually disappears! There is no other window screen in the world that offers this feature. With FlexScreen, you get to enjoy more viewing area from your window without seeing a screen frame.
FlexScreen is the first-ever and ONLY window screen that does not require any attachment hardware to the screen. Just push the screen outward and it flexes inward for easy removal and replacement.
The revolutionary, flexible design snaps into place in seconds, removes just as quickly. Our spring steel frame is coated in exterior-grade PVC and is so durable that it has a lifetime warranty and rust proof guarantee. Available with 5 different mesh options.

Retractable Window Screens

Enjoy an unobstructed view, minus the clutter, shadow, and dust of a traditional screen. Open your home to the outdoors. Let the air in, and keep the insects out. Our retractable screens can be custom-fitted to almost any type of window.

Standard San Diego window screens feature standard fabrics and heavy duty screen frames. Specialty screens feature upgraded specialty fabrics and frames. Both standard and specialty screens feature Breeze Door and Window Screens Guaranteed Fit installations. Call your local Breeze Door and Window Screens for more information.

Frame Color Options

Standard frame colors are: Silver, White, Tan, Adobe, Bronze (Dark Brown), and Black.

In addition to our standard frame colors, certain products are available in a wide variety of additional custom colors depending on the product you choose to have installed. Be sure to ask your Breeze Door and Window Screens technician which options are available for your needs.

Window Screens for Any Need

We even have heavy-duty pet proof screens, and golf ball protection screens. We perform San Diego window screen repaired on-site, re-screen existing screen frames that are in good shape, providing a savings over a complete window screen replacement.

Breeze Door and Window Screens has the screen repair or replacement window screens to fit your needs!

Please call us for more information.s

Window Screen Fabric Choices

We have a wide selection of screen fabrics to choose from, depending on your needs, from sun control to insect control to pet-resistant screens to screens that do it all! In addition, we can help you with specialty screens that resist weatherization, such as copper or bronze screens.

Our screens also are available in a wide variety of colors and meshes. Please be sure to ask your Breeze Door and Window Screens technician which screen fabric is right for you.