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screen doors with doggie doors

Pet Products

Breeze Screens offers pet products to make your home more pet-friendly and your screens more pet damage resistant. We sell premium quality pet product items such as dog and cat doors which are installed in screen doors, animal-resistant screens, and screen grilles which act as a barrier between your pets and your screens.

Pet Proof Screen

Nearly any window screen or screen door can be screened using pet resistant screen material. This incredibly durable material is rip and tear resistant from dogs and cats. This material is available as “Tuff Screen” which is extremely durable while also maintaining great visibility through the screen, or available in “Heavy Duty” screen which is the heaviest, thickest material available for large dogs, extremely sharp nails which cannot penetrate this screen. Some visibility through the screen will be diminished because of this extra heavy screen product.

Pet Doors

A pet door can be installed into any swinging screen door or sliding screen door. We install the highest quality pet doors available on the market manufactured by “Pride Deluxe Doors”
Whether you need a pet door for dogs or cats, the Pride Pet Door is an excellent choice for your active pets. The Pride door flap is made from heavy, black rubber for long-lasting durability.

Active Swinging Screen Door with Pet Doors

Screen doors with doggie doors can be installed in both swinging and sliding doors.

Deluxe Door Specifications:





Pet Grilles

Help preserve the life of your swinging or sliding screen doors with a heavy duty pet grille. These pet grills provide reinforcement to prevent your pets from ripping through your screen doors. They also keep your pets secure inside the home. These grilles have a premium powder-coated paint finish which provides a durable, long-lasting finish.
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