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Pets: Dog & Cat Proof Screen Door Doors Installer Company

Dog and Cat proof screen Doors

Do you have cats or dogs, or even small children that pose a risk to ripping or tearing your screens? With our cat proof screen door, you get 10x the durability with very little reduction in visibility. You can be secure in the knowledge that your new screens will remain intact.

Breeze Screens offers a variety of screen materials with which to improve your existing screens. From our maximum visibility Ultra Vue invisible screens to our extra durable Heavy-Duty Pet Proof screen, you will find exactly what you’re looking for here!

Ultra Vue Screen

If you want to maximize the visibility of that picturesque San Diego view this screen mesh material is the right choice for you. It’s barely noticeable, but 100% guaranteed to keep the insects out. Ask us about the great visibility you will get with our Ultra Vue screens!

Heavy-Duty Pet Proof Screen

Do you have large dogs or adorable but razor sharp clawed family members who love to try out their weapons on your screens? Breeze Screen’s Heavy-Duty pet proof screen is 4x as durable as our Standard Pet-Proof Screen, with some reduction in visibility.

80% SunTex Screen

The sun in San Diego is beautiful, but can make the inside of your home too hot. With SunTex’s Sun Control Screen you can reduce 80% of the heat coming into your home through your screens while maintaining your view. This screen will greatly reduce the heat and glare of the San Diego sun while keeping those insects out and that nice breeze coming in. Ask us about improving your home with 80% Sun Control Screens!

Upgraded 18x14 Fiberglass Mesh

In Breeze Screen’s attempts to always bring the best products to every job, we use an upgraded, American made, 18×14 fiberglass screen mesh as our standard screening material. This screen mesh is more durable and will last longer than standard screen mesh used by most screening companies.