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Breeze Screens

Phantom Motorized Screen Doors

Phantom Motorized Screen Doors

Housings can be installed in two ways 

Surface Mount

Add some flair to your home – surface mount can be added on to existing structures so you can extend your indoor/outdoor space. Mounted onto columns, wood, concrete or stucco, it can be color matched to the material of your home to maintain your decor.

Recessed Mount

Tucked away and out of sight, a recessed mount is typically done during construction. The entire unit, including tracks and rollers, can be recessed directly into columns, archways, wood, brick, stucco, concrete, stone – you name it!

Housing and tracks come in 9 standard colors:

  • Classic White
  • Calico Linen
  • Slivered Almond
  • Sandal Wood
  • Driftwood Beige
  • Rideau Brown
  • Coastal Grey
  • Mineral Bronze
  • Phantom Black

Motorized Screens and Shades come in two types:  

  • Cable guided system
  • Width range: 3 feet to 25 feet
  • Maximum height: Up to 20 feet
  • Track System with zippered in screen
  • Width range: 3 feet to 40 feet
  • Maximum height: 16 feet

Choose your screen material

Choose a tighter or looser mesh—or even vinyl or blackout fabric—for your ideal combination of air, light, heat, and bugs.

Insect mesh

our insect meshes come in a variety of weaves. It’s also the most open type of mesh, so it provides more ventilation and visibility while reducing up to 55% of UV rays.

Solar mesh

can block out up to 90% of UV rays, while still allowing airflow. This mesh is a great choice for protecting your textiles and furniture from sun damage.

Climate-control vinyl

These “walls” are proven to retain heat in cool months and keep your space cooler in hot months. Available in four perimeter colors:

Hand-held remotes

Click a button, and watch your screens roll down and back up. These hand-held remotes are available in single or multiple channel versions. Each remote can be used to operate one screen, or be programmed to operate a group of screens at the same time.