Security Screen Door Certifications: Explaining Knife Shear, Salt Spray & Dynamic Impact

Security Screen Door Certifications

When investing in a security screen door, certifications matter. That’s why it’s important to understand the different types of certification standards available. The most commonly recognized security screen door certifications are Knife Shear, Salt Spray and Dynamic Impact testing. These tests ensure that your security doors meet specific benchmarks for quality assurance and performance. Thus, they can make all the difference when choosing the right protection for your home or commercial building. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what each type of test involves, so you can make an informed decision.

What are Security Screen Doors and their Certifications?

Security screen doors are an efficient and effective way to protect your home while allowing a pleasant environment that lets in fresh air and light from outside. Security screen door certifications ensure these doors meet stringent criteria for safety and reliability. Generally, security screen doors must pass Knife Shear, Salt Spray, and Dynamic Impact tests in order to become certified. Knowing what these tests involve will help you determine which security doors will give you the best protection.

Knife Shear Test

Certifications are vital to ensure the safety and durability of doors. One of these certifications is the knife shear test, which involves subjecting a sample door to repeated up-and-down and side-to-side knife shear forces at various attempted break points along the perimeter of the screen.

This test determines if the door can resist attempted break-ins from knives or other sharp objects. It simulates an intruder’s efforts to create an entry point. The knife shear test displays just how much security is present on security screen doors. This provides peace of mind for business owners and homeowners alike. Keep in mind that doors with higher knife shear ratings will provide more security and protection.

Salt Spray Test

Security screen door certifications can guarantee the quality and performance of a door against different weather. To test the level of protection offered by surface coatings against atmospheric corrosion, salt spray testing is a quick and accurate method.

By simulating real-world conditions, the test reveals how well the screen will stand up to the effects of salt spray and other corrosive elements. The results show how much protection the door will offer against corrosion, rusting, and discoloration.

Dynamic Impact Test

Security screen doors must pass a series of tests to get certification, including the dynamic impact test. Manufacturers will evaluate both the metal mesh and frame of the door during this test. They will subject them to a predetermined amount of force using a special impact force test.

With dynamic impact test, they can measure and record how much energy is transferred from the object impacting the potential security screen door, compared with how much energy the door retains after impact. Ultimately, manufacturers are trying to evaluate how effectively their security screen door can absorb external forces without damaging either its frame or metal mesh. This way, customers can be assured of its safety and durability.

Closing Thoughts on Security Screen Door Certifications

These certifications are a great way to ensure your belongings and family are safely protected. Knife shear certification ensures that the door protects against forced entry, while salt spray certification validates that it protects against corrosion and rust, and dynamic impact certification informs that it provides resilience against impact damage.

If you want to make sure your home is secure from any intruders, these security screen door certifications can help ensure that it is as safe as possible. It’s important to look for certified security doors when making a purchase for added assurance in the quality and safety of the product you are buying. Homeowners should consider all aspects of certifications before making their decision for their best home security solution.