5 Benefits of Fiberglass Screens

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Do you want to increase the value of your home? Is it important for you to have a comfortable home where you can stay cool during summer days and keep bugs from entering? If yes, then consider investing in fiberglass screens. Fiberglass screening offers many advantages when compared to traditional aluminum screens. It is incorporated into window and door frames to provide insect control while also allowing fresh air and sunshine inside your house. This blog post will discuss the various benefits that come with choosing fiberglass screening for your home, including its durability, lightweight design and more! Read on to find out why a fiberglass screen is emerging as one of the most popular material options across homes both new construction projects alike.

1. Improve exterior aesthetics with the modern look that fiberglass screens offer that is easy to clean and maintain

Fiberglass screening is the perfect solution when it comes to improving the exterior aesthetics of your home in a modern and appealing way. Not only does fiberglass screening provide a sleek, contemporary look that can instantly turn heads, but it is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, meaning you don’t have to worry about extra time spent on upkeep. Not to mention the fact that outdoor elements such as UV rays, storms, and pests won’t do any damage to the screen. If you’re looking for a modern style with minimal effort, then a fiberglass screen is the right choice for you!

2. Special UV-resistant coating prevents fading and ensures longevity of your screens

Fiberglass screens are a great option for any home, business, or apartment, as they provide security without sacrificing visibility. However, in order to really make the most out of fiberglass screening and get the most longevity from it, it is important to use screening that is equipped with a special UV-resistant coating. This coating prevents fading and deterioration that can be caused by sun exposure and keeps your screens looking like new longer. Investing in the right fiber screening will ensure your investment lasts a long time – making them an ideal choice for those that want screens that will last season after season!

3. Increased protection from wind, rain, and debris while still allowing breezes to pass through

Fiberglass screening is the perfect solution for providing enhanced protection from the harsh elements of wind, rain and debris while still allowing those desirable breezes to pass through unaffected. This kind of screening incorporates a stronger, thicker fiberglass mesh that provides superior strength compared to standard insect screenings, making them great for high-wind areas where other fabric materials won’t work as effectively. In addition, fiberglass screens last longer and are easier to fix when damaged – a major plus when it comes to securing your home against Mother Nature’s wrath. All-in-all, if you want maximum protection with minimal disruption of airflow, choose fiberglass screening for your home!

4. Professionals can install fiberglass screens easily & fast

Installing your new fiberglass screens couldn’t be any easier and faster with a professional installation team on the job. Whether you need replacement screens for residential or commercial buildings, this is the best choice. Thanks to their durable construction and long-lasting protection from pests of all sizes, fiberglass screening provides the most reliable results with minimal maintenance needs. Professional installers will ensure you get the highest quality and maximum security without needing to worry about anything else but enjoying your newly protected space!

5. Fire-resistant material provides an extra layer of safety for your home

Fiberglass screens are an excellent way to make your home more secure and safe because of their fire-resistant properties. These screens provide a protective barrier against potential sparks, preventing the spread of flames. It has a much higher melting point than some other materials, making it less susceptible to damage from heat. Plus, it is lightweight and easy to install on doors or windows in your home. With this extra layer of protection from fires, fiberglass screens are an invaluable addition for any homeowner seeking greater peace of mind.

Should you choose fiberglass screens?

Fiberglass screen is an excellent option for homeowners looking to improve their exterior aesthetics and increase security. With a modern look and easy to clean surface, your home will stay pristine while protecting against unwelcome gusts of wind, rain and debris. This fire-resistant material is also sure to provide an extra layer of safety for your home.

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