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Horizon retractable screen door

Outdoor Living at its Best

Extend your living space and bring outdoors in by adding screens doors for large openings.  Creating an outdoor living space has never been easier.  Read below to get more information on some of the oversized screen doors we offer.

If  you are interested in one of our screen doors for large openings call Breeze for a free estimate.

The Horizon Door by Wizard

Auto Stop

Automatically stops when the handle is released

Low Profile Track

The lower track blends seamlessly into every application

No Visible Fasteners

Fits harmoniously in any architectural setting

Large Openings

42’ Wide with a Double Span

Floating Track

Provides automatic compensation across the entire opening.

Patented Flush Handle

Improves aesthetics and provides more clearance.

Captured Screen Material

Locks screen in tight.

Joint Compatibility

Assembly options to meet your needs.

The size is up to 14 feet wide x 10 feet tall.

Unlike large screens that open vertically, Horizon moves side-to-side and features a built in auto-stop function that allows it to be opened and stopped at any width along its horizontal track. When a person wants to go inside or outside, the screen is effortlessly pulled to the desired width to allow easy access and then can be quickly and easily closed. The ability to open the screen and stop it at any place along the track (instead of pre-set stop points) is unique to the Horizon. The Horizon fully retracts into its side housing when the door is closed and the screen is not needed.

Phantom XL

Window & door screens shouldn’t distract from your home’s charm and personality, no matter your finish or flair. Phantom brand is dedicated to delivering precisely this. Phantom XL
Phantom does retractable screens – and only retractable screens. They’ve focused on this specialty since the business was started in a single-car garage back in 1992.
Breeze Screens is a preferred installer of all Phantom products. All of our installers are trained and supported by the manufacturer for consistent, best-in-class workmanship.
Phantom’s warranty is the best in the industry. Your screens are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, which means a fix is just a phone call away.