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Breeze Screens

Rob Y.

“ Gary and Scott were life savers! ”

We had hired San Diego Mobile Screen Service to install 23 screens on our old historical downtown home which was admittedly a challenging job. SD Mobile said they were up to the task and could do it in 3-4 days, but after SIX WEEKS and with no end in sight, we mutually decided to pull the plug and find someone else to finish the job. Gary and Scott of Breeze Mobile came out the next day and in just 2 LONG days they tweaked, secured, replaced, and fabricated dozens of screens to finish the job before our guests arrived. Thanks guys… you were awesome! They do charge about $10 more per screen than the others guys, but they were well worth it. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I do want to thank Dan at San Diego Mobile for not charging us for the handful of screens they installed that we were able to use and/or salvage. That was a kind and gracious gesture for all the delays and unforeseen problems they had encountered trying to do this job).

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